Difference Between Credit and Debit Card

Main differences between these two types of cards and their most recommended use

With the credit card Afterwards, you can defer your purchases and use more than 6,000 ATMs

Maybe you will even have several of each one of them; They are every day and you use them every day, every time to pay more … But do you know the difference between one and the other?


Credit or debit

Credit or debit

It depends on how we pay the amount of the debt generated by our purchases.

The form of payment . In a debit card , the payment is charged directly to the current account – or savings bank – of the owner. Thus, they only allow the payment to the limit of the funds of the account.

On the other hand, with your credit card you can pay even if you do not have funds, because you can postpone the payment until the following month. In this way, the holder contracts a debt with the bank (for this reason, before granting a credit card, the bank studies our viability and ensures that we are solvent). Even so, the credit card has a limit.

The credit can “come back” in three ways: either at the end of the month (one day established the month following the month in which the purchase is made), or by means of a percentage (that we will pay each month) or a fixed fee (This modality is known as the revolving name and it consists of paying an established fixed figure).


What is the credit card you are looking for?

credit card

Discover it based on your age and the way of payment you are most interested in: more information

The possibility of financing. Credit cards allow you to finance . Thus, they allow you to pay in installments and make purchases without having to pay the total payment. Let’s say that, as its name implies, it implies the granting of a loan by the bank.

On the other hand, debit cards are a means of payment in itself: the amount is charged directly to the holder’s account and is discounted directly from the balance.


Interests . The credit card acquires an interest to the holder, to withdraw money or to split payments. These interests are not frequent in debit cards.

As you can see, the differences are noticeable and vary depending on the preferences and needs of each consumer. If you have questions, do not hesitate to consult us; At NNCA we have the one that best suits you.

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