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Pro-Finance Credit is a lending organization offering financial solutions to individuals. This subsidiary of Gerate Society was created in 1989 and specializes in consumer credit. This company is present on the Internet and is always accessible to its customers. Specialized advice is still available by phone and by mail.

The Pro-Finance Credit website is very accessible and offers borrowers tools to enable them to check their debt capacity before any request. Pro-Finance Credit offers consumer loan, credit redemption and insurance solutions.

Personal loans adapted to the different situations that the consumer may encounter are available on the site. A tab allows you to select your project and depending on it, a solution is proposed. For example, if the borrower wishes to borrow as part of a marriage, adapted solutions are presented to him. So he can do a simulation for a personal loan or a revolving credit.




The home page of the website offers a loan simulator directly. Once the consumer has entered their project type (works, new car purchase, personal loan, etc.), the amount and the monthly payments, the search engine will display a payment solution proposal.

The maximum amount that can be borrowed as well as the amount of the monthly payments and their duration vary according to the type of loan chosen. Thus, for example, the amount of the personal loan will be limited to 8 000 € (with the possibility of repaying in maximum 48 months) where it will be limited to 74 200 € (with the possibility to repay in maximum 72 months) for the buying a new car.

Like other credit institutions, Pro-Finance Credit details its loan proposal by taking the total amount of credit and the duration desired by the consumer. There is, in principle, no application fee. The APR (Global Annual Effective Rate) is indicated. This rate allows the borrower to know the real cost of his credit. This rate includes the basic interest rate (registered rate) as well as miscellaneous expenses, commissions and miscellaneous remuneration. Each institution is free to apply the rate they want. It allows the borrower to compare several proposals from different organizations.

The total amount owed by the borrower is included (in apparent character), thus allowing the borrower to know what he will actually have to repay, without having to calculate it with the APR. The consumer has the possibility to change his monthly payments. This allows him to perform different simulations. In doing so, he will note that the cost of the loan decreases as the repayment period decreases and the monthly payments increase. The APR is lower when the loan term is relatively short.

Indeed, it is much less risky for the institution to lend in the short term than in the long term. It is much more likely that he will have to deal with payment incidents on the more or less long term credits. The borrower at the end of his loan is likely to face unforeseen personal or professional situations that may have an impact on his ability to repay. The longer the repayment period, the more likely and possibly recurring these situations will be. By increasing its APR, the praetor agency tries to limit its financial losses.



Insurance loan

Like other sites offering payment solutions, Pro-Finance Credit offers optional insurance for all consumer loan subscriptions. It should be noted that unlike real estate loans, insurance is not legally required when subscribing to a consumer credit. The optional insurance allows the borrower to make sure (according to various forms of guarantees) against the risk of unpaid in case of accident, death or sometimes loss of employment.

If the situation facing the insured allows the implementation of the insurance contract, the repayment of the loan will be borne by the insurer. The death guarantee is actually considered by the borrower. Do not forget that in case of death, the debt that binds the borrower with the lending institution will be transmitted during the succession. Thus, his heirs will be required to repay the remaining monthly payments. Optional insurance will help avoid this delicate situation.

This optional insurance obviously has a cost that will be added to each monthly repayment. If the borrower decides not to take out this guarantee, a message informs him of the transfer of his debt to his heirs (surviving spouse, children, parents, etc.).



credit Proof

As with each consumer credit application, the borrower must indicate different essential information when applying for the loan. This will allow Pro-Finance Credit to position itself and thus give an answer in principle as soon as the end of the entry.
Thus, the borrower must include information about his personal identity (surname, first name, date of birth, etc.), his address and the structure of his family. Once this information is completed, the borrower will have to inform his professional situation and in particular his monthly income by indicating whether they are regular (CDI) or not (CDD, interim, etc.). It is understood that a person with a fixed income will be much more likely to get a positive answer when applying for a loan.

Once all the income has been filled in, the applicant will have to indicate his fixed charges. A quick calculation taking into account his income and his expenses will make it possible to determine his debt ratio and to verify that it is in financial capacity to repay the loan. It should be recalled that the threshold debt ratio for obtaining a loan is generally set at 33%. Thus, the borrower’s expenses must not exceed 33% of his fixed net income. Beyond that, it is considered that the borrower is not in a favorable situation allowing him to borrow. There will be a high probability that he will not be able to repay his monthly payments. A negative answer will then be given.

The borrower must be aware of his situation. A simple internet search allows him to calculate his debt ratio. The Pro-Finance Credit website offers an application allowing consumers to calculate it.
Before obtaining its answer in principle, the borrower must position itself on the subscription or not of an optional insurance. It is recalled the principle of such insurance and the benefits it represents for the subscriber, including its possible death in the course of repayment. The latter must be made aware of the consequence of his death on his financial commitments and the transmission of these to his heirs.


Send the request

Send the request

Once the entire application is completed, a response in principle is granted by the site and informs the borrower on the acceptance or not of it. This answer is said to be in principle because it will only be validated upon receipt of a complete file and in accordance with what was entered by computer during the request. The borrower will thus have to provide all the justifications allowing him to prove his financial situation. He will provide his ID with his various pay slips and possibly a copy of his current account. A bank account will be required to pay the funds.

At this point, it should be remembered that the borrower is not yet linked with the bank. The mere fact of making a request does not engage him. Once the file is verified by Pro-Finance Credit, a detailed loan proposal will be made. The latter will include the essential elements of a loan offer (total borrowed, duration and amounts of monthly payments, APR, etc.). This information will allow the borrower to compare different offers and choose the one that suits him the most.
If the borrower does not respond to this offer within 15 days, the institution is no longer obliged to maintain the latter under the same conditions. That is to say, the information indicated in the offer is only valid for 15 days. Beyond, a new offer can be made, with different conditions.

Conversely, if the borrower decides to respond favorably to this offer, he has 14 days to retract. Once this period expires, or if he has waived his right of withdrawal to advance his file more quickly, he will be permanently engaged with Pro-Finance Credit. It will have funds in the following days (usually under 48h). He will be required to repay the monthly payments according to the schedule agreed at the time of the subscription. If he wishes to repay early, fees may be required. These must, however, be explicitly agreed during the subscription.

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